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Educióne is an innovative platform in the world of online education business. Now more than ever, learning and teaching online has become so relevant. Find classes, courses and webinars of any areas!

Our goal

Educióne platforms' main purposes are to facilitate the management process for teachers and to simplify the process of finding the right teacher for a student. A student can easily find a necessary class, course or webinar and book/purchase it in a few seconds. In a meantime, the teacher can easily manage the studying process in the most flexible way.


On the platform teachers provide both individual and group online classes. Even complete courses.


Find your online course. We have a big range of online courses selection. Find your online teacher or tutor and enjoy online education


Moreover, students can book a place in webinars. All bookings will be displayed in a student’s calendar.

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Latest News

Pros And Cons Of Distance Education For Teacher And Student

Julia Chubarova 07/05/2020

Thanks to coronavirus, many are now able to get acquainted with distance education. Let's discuss the opportunities of online education for teachers and students.   Advantages:   + The ability to learn from anywhere in the world. If a student or teacher flew on vacation to Bali or broke his leg, the learning process will not stop.   + Savings on additional costs. An offline teacher works either on-site or rents an office, or meets with a student in a cafe. This is the cost of rent, travel, and coffee in a cafe.   + Study at any time and at any speed. Want to learn English at night? Just find yourself an online teacher from the USA. They have another time there. Or just download the course and study as much time per day as you want.    + Mobility. Consulting with a tutor online is much faster than making an appointment in person.   + The teacher creates the material (presentations, tests, etc.) once and uses them for several years.   + Audience. A remote teacher can reach a larger audience. He can lead students from all over the world, as well as to conduct webinars for 500-1000 people.   + Passive income pf the teacher. You can film the course and rest.   Disadvantages   - Online lessons require self-discipline, independence, and motivation. That is, it is more for adults. It will be difficult for small children. If we talk about buying courses, then many adults can buy a ready-made course and quit in half.   - The form of online education does not develop sociability, teamwork skills, and does not replace live communication with a specialist.   -At the initial stage, the teacher takes a lot of time to create material for the lesson.   -Difficult to start. When a teacher is used to working in front of an audience or in person, first talking to the camera will be very unusual   -Online lesson can easily fail due to poor Internet or computer damage.   Conclusion: online education is not suitable for everyone. It does not replace personal and group communication. And it is intended for a conscious audience with specific requests and motivation. That is why, as a result, the productivity of online education increases significantly. The teacher must take into account the market needs and adapt to them. And the faster you do it, the more your earnings will be.

Feature - Online schedule

Julia Chubarova 29/04/2020

How does it work? The teacher in his account fills the schedule of his group classes and indicates the time when he is free and ready to take a new student to an individual class. The student in the teachers profile sees this schedule and time slots available for booking. If the time suits him he can book this time online, pay for the class and write a comment. The time slot immediately closes, and other people can no longer book it. The time in the schedule is converted. If the teacher lives in Latvia and indicates the time slot 18:00-19:00, then a user from the USA will see it as 12:00-13:00. The teacher in the settings indicates how much time before the lesson starts a person can book it, so that he can prepare for it. The teacher can cancel the lesson, and then the money will be returned to the student. Purpose: the student can visually see all the teacher’s available time and book a lesson with one click. No need to call, write and negotiate.

Educióne Affiliate program. Earn with us!

Nikita Ribakovs 22/04/2020

Educione Affiliate program. Earn with us! We are launching an affiliate program. If you have a friend, who is a teacher, tutor, fitness instructor or a specialist in another field of education tell him about the platform and earn! How does it work? Register on the platform following the link Copy your personal promo code (it is available in your dashboard. Section “finances”). Invite a friend to register on the platform as a teacher, while registering for the teacher role, he indicates your promo code in the Reference field. The teacher conducts online lessons and sells courses. He sets the price himself, we only add a service fee. You get 15% of the service fee from each sold course and lesson by this teacher. Registration on the Educióne platform is absolutely free.

Interview with Educióne Founder - Nikita Ribakovs

Julia Chubarova 17/04/2020

In response to the crisis and the shutdown of schools and fitness clubs a new educational startup has been launched in Latvia. It is the online platform Educióne. The platform founder Nikita Ribakovs will tell us about the main functions of the platform.   1. How did you come up with the idea to create the platform?   For the last 3 years I have been developing online sports platforms. At the moment, in many sports, most processes are happening in the old fashioned way: information about tournaments is scattered across various social pages, athletes have to send emails, look for organizers' contacts, and, at the same time, organizers have to process a ton of information coming from different sides. The online platform solves all these problems and takes sports to a new level.   Then because of coronavirus, my wife and I thought about online education. I began to look for resources where I can find a teacher, book a lesson, and maybe download ready-made courses. And there were so many different resources. On one website you can study languages. On the other, you can find and buy a ready-made course. Also there are few online bases of teachers and tutors with contact details. But to book a class you have to call every teacher, to find out the available time, what is inconvenient for me, as a client. But I did not find such a platform that would combine all the fields of education and all the services of teachers.   2. For whom is this platform created?   There are 2 main user groups on the platform. These are specialists and students. A student is a student, the one who wants to learn something new. He may not even initially know what exactly he wants to learn, but in our platform he can find something that can interest him, since we are not limited to one industry. We have teachers of different languages ​​and school subjects, fitness instructors, consultants, chess coaches and many others.   Specialists is a larger group. First of all, this group is divided into two types: professionals and mentors. A professional is a teacher, a consultant, an instructor or a coach with professional education / certification in the field where he works. Absolutely anyone can become a mentor who wants to share their knowledge and experience, but does not have the appropriate education.   3. What issues and problems will the platform solve?   Students can find an individual class, group class, course, webinar or select a specific teacher and see all his services. All in one place.   Entering the platform, a student can watch a teacher's welcome video, get acquainted with the curriculum. For the first lesson with any teacher, a 30% discount is provided. Students can try and experiment. And if a student likes the teacher he can book a pack of classes with a discount. All is super easy and flexible.   For a specialist, 4 issues are solved: self-presentation, sales, advertising and management.   The teacher creates his own account, completes a portfolio, adds services, runs an expert blog. For example the student is interested in studying Spanish language and a Spanish language teacher writes an article in his blog about studying Spanish, which we repost on the main page of the website. A student reads the post, likes it and then finds out that this teacher is selling a Spanish course. Or, for example, a student has bought a “Salsa for beginners” course, and then he goes to the teacher’s page and sees that he is teaching online Tango classes at a convenient time for the student, and there is a free place in the group. Just by a couple of clicks the student can book his place in a group and pay for the class. No calls or waste of time.   The teacher makes an online calendar with the available time for individual lessons, sets prices himself. Even communication with the group is carried out through the system. For example, the teacher needs to convey information to the group or publish homework exercises. He writes an announcement on the class page, and only students of a particular group can see it.   It is also important to clarify that the lesson itself does not take place inside the platform, but in the program chosen by the teacher, whether it is Zoom, Skype or any other program. The student will automatically receive all the necessary information for access.   4. Why should people choose Educióne?   Our mission is to provide specialists with work, sales and eventually, of course, with income. We do not charge registration fees for the platform from either teachers or students. That is, let's say, everybody is risking nothing.   At the same time, the platform manages teacher planning processes. The teacher does not need to bother with scheduling, think about how to get paid for the work, and so on. The platform will take over all this.   Also, the teacher is not limited to work in one area. If he is both an English teacher and a Pilates instructor - no problem. He indicates this in his profile and can safely publish and sell courses and manage classes in several disciplines.   Our uniqueness is that we do not work for one specific niche. A student can enter the platform, choose any category, teacher and start studying. If in the future he wants to continue to develop in a different direction, he again enters the platform and selects a different category.

8 Reasons to Use Educióne for online teachers

Nikita Ribakovs 14/04/2020

Online specialists often ask us, what are the reasons to use the platform ? What are its advantages for specialists? And how profitable it is for a teacher to use the platform? Here are the answers:   1. Teacher profile   Many teachers and other specialists have problems with self-presentation. Some specialists can take years to gain a customer base. On Educione every specialist has a personal page, where he/she can include all the necessary professional information. On this page are going to be displayed all teacher services (classes, courses, webinars) and also published articles.   2. Flexible schedule   The most boring thing in the work of a teacher is scheduling and negotiating with students about the class time. It takes a lot of extra time. At Educione, the specialist creates an online schedule where he/she indicates the available time and determines time for all group classes. The student can see all the available time and book the desired time slot in a few clicks.   3. Courses and webinars   Creating a ready-made course, each specialist has to complete a huge work on its advertisement among his students. At Educione, a teacher can simply add a course/webinar or a separate thematic lesson, which will be available for all platform users straight away.   4. Communication   In the profile, a specialist can run an expert blog that attracts the attention of a new audience. Also, the teacher can publish announcements, tasks and notes for his students.   5. Statistics   Statistics are available in your personal dashboard: total/monthly earnings, number of students and other.   6. Cancellation insurance   All teachers, instructors and coaches are familiar with disappointment when a student cancels a lesson 20 minutes before the start. When booking a lesson through Educione, the student must pay for the lesson in advance. And in case of cancellation at the last moment, the teacher will still earn some money (depending on cancellation time). If the lesson is canceled by the teacher, the paid amount is returned to the student.   7. Payments   The teacher does not need to bother with change and checks. All payments are made online through the platform’s payment system.   8. Teacher levels   It is usually difficult for an expert teacher to explain their price, and for a novice tutor to find their first customers. There are two levels of teachers on the platform: a professional specialist and a tutor. Anyone can become a tutor and make an extra earning on online education. But only a specialist with an appropriate education and achievements can become a professional teacher.

Launch of Educióne platform

Nikita Ribakovs 26/03/2020

Educióne is an innovative platform in the world of online education. Education is the key to success in the life of any person. With the development of technology, life is changing. As well as the methods of education. Nowadays, online education is becoming increasingly relevant, when you can plan the learning process by yourself, arrange with the teacher at a comfortable time, study at home, or during traveling. The Educióne platform made a step forward from other educational platforms thanks to the advanced interface. We went beyond the teachers' database and the simple list of courses. On the platform, anyone can choose a teacher, apply online for an individual lesson, purchase a course or a place in a webinar, and even join a group lesson. All hours available for private lessons and the schedule of group lessons are visible to all students. For teachers, the platform provides even more opportunities. The teacher can remotely manage students’ applications, accept payment for classes, and with a couple of clicks update information on existing classes, as well as change the schedule and available hours for lessons. in the schedule indicated by the teacher, which is also filled online. We have launched! It’s time to create your profile!